Our Adult Cavaliers

Our adult male & female Cavaliers are not simply breeding stock! They, like every other animal on our farm, are part of our family! While we take special care to only offer the highest quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, our adults are free to roam the farm, socialize with the other animals, and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Our highest priority is to ensure that our adult Cavaliers are free of any and all disease or health conditions, have proven & trusted Cavalier bloodlines, and have the opportunity to enjoy a happy, healthy life. This ensures that your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy will have a headstart in life and be ready to provide you a healthy, lifelong companion.

Scandolous Flame at Alygesia



Sunny was born November 10, 2009. He is a gorgeous tri-color male with an impeccable lineage. Sunny enjoys the outdoors and especially loves running and rolling in the grass. Sunny is extremely friendly and loves to play with the children, including being a good sport when they want to give him rides in the wagon!

Sweetest puppy

We adopted Aggie. (Babe) 8/2018 and she is such a joy! We are retired and traveling the country. She is always happy, playful and funny. Every where we go she attracts attention and always makes friends. We have been staying in an RV park in Texas for a few months, she has friends come and visit with her often. Sometimes they come with their dogs and several people who don't have a dog just come to have "Aggie" time. We have recommended Saddle Creek Cavaliers frequently. Thank you giving us such a great dog!

Marcia Stanley